Free Pattern to Crochet a Pokeball


If you’ve seen Pokemon, you’ll recognize these immediately. However, if you haven’t you can learn how to crochet a pokeball. :)


Red yarn
Black yarn
White yarn
Crochet hook
Yarn needle

Gauge does not matter too much in this pattern as you can just make it as big as you like. I used a G size hook.

Begin with the red yarn. Start with a magic circle and crochet 10 single crochets into the middle. Tighten the loop. You will be crocheting in a spiral and the only slip stitch to join is when you completed the black.

Round 1: Increase every stitch (20 stitches at the end).
Round 2-5: SC in every stitch – no increases.
Round 6: SC into every stitch until you have 4 remaining stitches left. Slip stitch into the remaining 4 stitches.
Round 7: Join in black yarn. SC into every stitch and slip stitch to join with the first stitch.

Repeat pattern with the white yarn. When completed, you want to weave in any loose ends and cut off excess yarn.

Sew together the two sides using a yarn needle. When you have sewed about 50% of the ball, stuff the ball with poly-fill until it has enough to hold it’s shape. Finish sewing closed the ball.

To create the button, take your white yarn and with the magic circle (leave a 4 inch tail in the beginning), SC 3 stitches into the middle. Slip stitch to join and pull circle tight. Tie off leaving at least 4 inches of tail.

Insert one tail into your needle and thread the tail through a stitch of black in the ball and out through the next black stitch. I usually try to cover up the messy areas of my crochet. Tie the two tails together and cut off excess yarn.


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